Trek Eco-Adventures was set up with an aim to educate people about wildlife, support conservation, and promote conservation awareness. These aims are inspired by the burning passion that has driven us over the years to simply make a difference to the conservation of Earth's fauna and flora.

At Trek we work with a variety of conservation groups in order to fund the efforts put in place to conserve wild animals and their natural habitats. It is of utmost importance to us to leave a lasting legacy in the areas we visit, whether it be through fundraising, donations of equipment or Trek profits, utilising knowledgeable local guides, or by using eco-accommodations who put profits back into the local community or conservation efforts.

 In the past ourselves and our guests have carried out fundraisers for various conservation projects and then delivered the proceeds directly to where these projects run. This has given our guests the once in a lifetime chance to see exactly where and how their donations are used in conservation, and has given them the opportunity to spend time with the people and animals they have played part in helping.


Here are some of the conservation groups we have helped:


  •             David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust ( The most successful orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world, and one of the pioneering conservation organisations for wildlife and habitat protection in East Africa.

      The images below are from a visit where we raised and donated enough money to adopt every orphan in the sanctuary and had the chance to spend time mingling with these magnificent animals. The experience was hard hitting for our guests, however the work carried out here warmed the hearts of everybody who came along and had them leave with the importance of conservation in the forefronts of their minds. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust carry out amazing work and with your help can continue in the battle to conserve these animals and protect them from the ongoing threat of poaching.




  •            Watamu Turtle Watch ( Rehabilitating and protecting turtles in Watamu marine national park, Kenya.

On this particular trip we had the opportunity to help Turtle Watch exhume and relocate a clutch of eggs which were laid below the level of high tide. In doing this the clutch stood a better chance of surviving and hatching, with one in every hundred eggs developing and growing to adulthood and reproducing. This gave our guests the satisfaction of knowing that they had helped to conserve these wonderful creatures and that one day at least one of the eggs relocated would further increase the population and future generations.

Watamu Turtles.1Watamu Turtles.10

Watamu Turtles.5Watamu Turtles.11


  •            Diani Beach Colobus Trust (, who since 1997 have worked incredibly hard to conserve and protect the Angolan colobus and its habitats in Kenya. The trust also rescue and rehabilitate injured and captive monkeys, and build 'colobridges' to put in place across busy roads to allow for safe crossing.

The money raised on this trip funded the building of 2 'colobridges' and allowed for safe crossing points for Colobus, Sykes' and Vervet monkeys in the Diani Beach region of Kenya. Our guests helped to build a bridge and put it in place across the main road through town. It was fantastic to be involved in such an important exercise and our guests thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We also had a tour of the rehabilitation unit and education centre.

Diani Colobus.4Diani Colobus.1

Diani Colobus.5Diani Colobus.3


  •  Lancashire Wildlife Trust ( - The U.K's leading conservation charity dedicated to all wildlife. The trust manages 34 nature reserves covering woodland, wetland, upland, and meadow. 

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