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The incredible hide at Lake Panik
South Africa is one of the most diverse wildlife destinations on Earth. The vast variety of habitats and ecosystems throughout the country are home to a great number of animal species: 299 mammals and 850+ bird species, with a high percentage of them endemic to South Africa. On the whole there are approximatley 1.4 million species of plants and animals throughout South Africa, which when you think the country only covers a mere 2% of the earths surface, you realise the sheer diversity of life here. South Africa harbours 10% of the worlds plant species (80% of which are endemic), 8% of bird species and 6% of mammal species. Furthermore, the cold Benguela and warm Aghulas ocean currents meet off the coast of South Africa, making it one of the richest seas on earth, with a megatude of sharks, dolphins, whales, fish and coral reefs, totalling approximately 15% of earths marine species. This combined with South Africa's good road networks makes this an unmissable destination.
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Cheetah on a lookout post
We start the tour in one of the most famous national parks in the world, Kruger National Park, a truly astonishing wilderness where we will be spending a full week. Each day starts with an early morning game drive in search of all types of wildlife. The Big Five; lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and cape buffalo are virtually guaranteed in Kruger, and we have never failed to find them yet.  However, we are interested in all species of mammals, birds, reptiles and insects. We never focus only on these larger species, as the lesser known wildlife such as pangolin, aardvark, aardwolf, genet, civet, serval and caracal are equally, if not more facinating than the big five and are very high on our list of things to see. 
After morning drives, guests will be taken back to basecamp to eat and freshen up, and if you wish to continue in pursuit of more wildlife we are always more than happy to adhere to your desires. Trek guides are well and truly captivated by Kruger and take every opportunity we can to get out into the wilds of the park. We also arrange a variety of mind blowing activities included in the price of the trip such as tracking rhino and other animals on foot, night drives to find nocturnal species like leopard and hyena, and sunset drives which take you deeper into the park where many tourists don't get the chance to go.
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Hyena clan setting in on a lion kill. Watch the video!
Once we have peeled ourselves away from the wonders of Kruger, we head back to Johannesburg to catch an internal flight to Cape Town, where we will be based for the following 3 nights. Cape Town is a very unique cosmopolitan city which has the honour of being the only city in the world surrounded by national parks and has the highest biodiversity of anywhere of its kind. Table Mountain alone has 2200 plant species, more than double the species in the the whole of the UK, but on one mountain! From Cape Town we will take part in a wide range of activities such as cage diving with Great White sharks near seal island (as featured on Planet Earth). We will also be hiking to the top of Table Mountain with the option of abseiling back down, walking to the very end of Africa at Cape Point, wine tasting in the world famous Cape vineyards and visiting the famous penguin colony at Boulders beach. Nightlife in Cape Town is vibrant and our central location allows us to visit all the top bars and restaurants.
  Table Mountain
 Cape town from above
Following Cape Town we will make our way down the stunning Southern coast of South Africa along the Garden Route, towards our next location, Knysna. During our last tour we witnessed Southern Wright whales breaching the water as we drove along the coast, a sight we will never forget and hope to see again in 2017.
Knysna is a beautiful town surrounded by sub tropical Afro Montane forest, a very unique habitat with high endemicity. We will be staying in tree house type lodges allowing you to get closer to the wildlife which dwell in the canopy. There was a time when forest elephants roamed this decidous woodland until heavy poaching took its toll and almost completely wiped them out. However, sporadic sightings of these illusive animals have led scientists to believe there is a remnant population still holding on of mythical Knysna forest elephants. We doubt very much that they are still there but we can but try on our search for other wildlife.
Activities from Knysna include forest walks, the worlds highest land based bunjee jump, and anybody interested in scuba diving can book a dive to see the worlds rarest seahorse in Knysna harbour.
Knysna Loerie
Knysna Turaco
The final port of call will be the coastal town of Hermanus, arguably the best on-land location in the world to observe whales. Every year hundreds of Southern Right whales migrate from the icy waters of the Antarctic to the safety of the South African coast where they raise their calves. They are particularly fond of the bays around Hermanus and they can be seen daily with calves in tow, often turning the waters milky whilst feeding them milk. We plan to get up close and personal to these 15 metre, 47 tonne giants by kayaking in the harbour to get to a unique viewing position. Our stunning lodge at Hermanus is set between the beach, a lagoon and mountains, and is the perfect place to spend the last night and reflect on an intense 2 weeks of wildlife watching.
 Southern right whale near Hermanus
Blow your mind and come along for the ride, our Cape to Kruger tours are not to be missed. Take a look at our photo galleries and see the full extent of the wildlife you will observe and the adventure to be had.
Target Species An endless list but we will start with Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Serval, Caracal, Wild cat, Wild dog, White rhino, Elephant, Great White Shark, Southern Right Whale and hundreds of bird species
Accommodation Lodges, safari camps, guest houses and tree houses
Meals Full board
Difficulty Easy to moderate,All activities are optional but some can be quite strenuous such as bush walks and hikes up Table Mountain and Cape Point
Tour no. 76980
14 nights
November 2017
£1995 + Flights


  • Conservation Work

    As with all our trips we ask our guests to raise a little money which we will put into a bigger pot in order to help conservation during our tour. Funds can be raised in many different ways such as sponsored walks / hikes / runs, car boot sales, making cakes or simply donations. Obviously this is optional!

    The main focus of the conservation work on this trip will be geared up to help the white rhino. You probably already know about the current crisis regarding this animal. Rhinos are being ruthlessly poached world wide for their horn which is currently fetching a value of £20,000 per KG on the asian black markets. Most of the world, and most of Africa has already lost the battle against poaching and have completely lost their rhinos, yet South Africa remains the last stronghold of this iconic animal. The problem is so severe that the South African army is now involved to guard these animals as poaching gains momentum.

    We will work with our South African partners to help the conservation work with rhinos and leave a lasting legacy from our trip.

    Somehow we need to pull together to stop this brutality.


  • Pricing

    This 14 night trip costs £1995 plus flights. Our pricing is extremely competitive when compared with other tour operators, and our itineraries tend to be more extensive. 

    International flights are currently around £550, and the internal flights are roughly £80 or less.

    Personal Payment Plans: For your convenience you can spread the cost of your trip by paying in instalments with a personal payment plan. A non refundable deposit of 10% is also required on booking; this can be taken as your first payment.

    Included in the price: Accommodation, food, all transport and fuel, game drives, guided walks and local guide fees (we use armed local guides on guided walks and game drives during darkness hours for safety reasons).

    Not Included in the price: Flights. Add On Activities: Due to the high octane nature of some activities we do not include them in the price of the trip. With groups trips we treat everybody as individuals and leave the decision to get involved in extra activities up to you. Activities not included in the price are: Great white Shark diving (£90), Bungee jump (£40), abseiling (£30) and wine tasting (roughly £12).

    *The south African currency fluctuates a lot so the activity prices may differ from time to time.

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