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Bison herd by our local guide Mateusz Szymura 

Shake of those post-Christmas blues and join us on a winter wildlife watching extravaganza in North East Poland, in February 2018, where we’ll be spending two nights based in the primeval forests of Bialowieza, and two nights in the spectacular Biebrza marshes. We’ll be using advanced tracking skills to think like animals as we draw on the extensive knowledge of local guides to track elk, bison, deer, pine martin, racoon dog, wild boar, beavers, otters, and even wolf and lynx. This picturesque, pristine, snowy, winter landscape offers us a wealth of wildlife opportunities. Although birds can be sparse at this time of the year, the reduced foliage and vegetation should still offer us splendid views of hazel and black grouse, all nine species of wintering European woodpecker, twite, Arctic redpoll, great grey shrike, nutcracker, crested tit, and hawfinch. Birds of prey are plenty, with white-tailed eagles, rough-legged buzzard, and goshawk, we also have chances of many owl species at this time of year, with perhaps opportunities to see pygmy owl, eagle owl, and maybe Tengmalm’s owl.

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We’ll be staying in fabulous traditional Polish accommodation, so at the end of each crisp and cold day we’ll be returning to the warmth as our hosts prepare us a veritable feast of glorious hot, and delicious, local fayre.

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Day 1: We’ll be flying into Warsaw and then making the journey east to the Bialowieza village, where once we’ve checked into our accommodation we’ll be heading out to local wildlife hotspots which will be decided based drawn on our use of local, current, expert knowledge, which will offer us the uppermost chances of seeing our target species.

Day 2: More of the same, but this time we will be joined by a local guide who has several decades experience of watching and tracking wildlife in one of the last tracts of pristine ancient forests in Europe. The decision will be totally down to him, depending on what we want to see. At dusk we’ll have the amazing privilege of walking a route through the strict reserve, a section of the forest untouched by human hands.

Day 3: After another early morning tracking foray we’ll be making the short drive to the Biebrza marshes, where once again we’ll be utilizing our extensive network of local knowledge to get us to the best spots that this corner of North East Poland has to offer. Elk are virtually guaranteed, and the marshes also offer us the best chances of tracking wolf.

Day 4: We will be at the command of our local guide’s whim. She knows the Biebrza marshes like the back of her hand and is one of the most enthusiastic guides on the Trek roster. There is no clock watching as far as she is concerned. More than once we’ve practically had to drag her back. It is a dead cert that she will take us to the best spots in the area.

Day 5: One last early morning foray for one last chance of completing our target species list before driving back to the airport at Warsaw.


Target Species Wolf, lynx, elk, bison, beaver, badger, otter, pygmy owl, common crane, various woodpecker species
Accommodation Rustic lodges typical of the area
Meals All included
Difficulty Easy but cold,
Tour no.
5 nights
February 2018

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