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  • Spanish Lynx and Eagle Migration 2017
    • Live Yes
    • Dates September 2017
    • Duration 7 days
    • Target Species The Iberian Lynx, Ibex, Red Dear, Eagle Owl, Little Owl, Griffon Vulture, Black Vulture, Egyptian Vulture, Booted Eagle, Golden Eagle, Spanish Imperial Eagle, Black Kite, Red Kite, Marsh Harrier, Hen Harrier, Montagu's Harrier and many more birds.
    • Difficulty Easy
    • Accommodation Chalets and Hotels
    • Meals Half board
    • Activities Available Large scale bird migration in action, lynx conservation, whale and cetacean watching
    • Price £815 + flights Read More
    • Conservation Work

      The Iberian Lynx is thought to be the rarest cat on earth and is just on our doorstep. We want to do everything in our power to help this enigmatic animal and give it a chance of survival in a constantly changing world. We are currently in talks with local groups and conservationists, to find out the most effective and direct ways of helping this cat. One organisation we are currently working hard to get involved with is WWF Spain. They are heavily involved in Iberian Lynx protection, conservation and reintroduction.

      The local griffon vultures are also having a hard time so we want focus some of our attention on this bird to see what we can do to help. One organisation that is doing amazing work for birds is Fundación Migres who, among many other things, are responsible for migration counts. Twice yearly they spend long days counting and noting this spectacular occurrence, collating highly important data which is then analysed, allowing for migrating bird numbers to be monitored. They are also involved with the protection of the griffon vulture, who’s numbers have dramatically dropped following changes in farming practises.

      Rest assured that our trip to Andalucía will result in a beneficial contribution to local wildlife, emails and phone calls are being exchanged so there will be more details to follow.

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    • Pricing
      This 7 night trip costs £815 plus flights. Our pricing is extremely competitive when compared with other tour operators, and our itineraries tend to be more extensive. 
      Personal Payment Plans: For your convenience you can spread the cost of your trip by paying in installments with a personal payment plan. A non refundable deposit of 10% is also required on booking; this can be taken as your first payment.
      Included in the price: Accommodation, breakfasts and lunches, all transport and fuel, all wildlife watching activities such as birding trips and whale watching boat trip, local guide fees, and national park entry fees.
      Not Included in the price: Flights, evening meals and beverages.



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  • Costa Rica 2017
    • Live Yes
    • Tour Number COS001
    • Dates August 2017
    • Duration 14 nights
    • Target Species Mammals: Jaguar, Ocelot, Puma, Baird's Tapir, sloth, Mantled howler, Central American spider monkey, Squirrel monkey, armadillo, coati, raccoon, Northern Tamandua, humpback whales, dolphins. Birds: Resplendant quetzal, Baird's trogon, Fiery billed aracari, keel billed toucan, black cheeked ant tanager, black guan, slaty flowerpiercer, riverside wren, cherrie's tanger and endless other species. Reptiles and Amphibians: Leatherback turtle, crocodile, caimen, basilisk, green iguana, ctenosaura, red eyed tree frog, strawberry poison-dart frog, gladiator frog, fer de lance, vine snake.
    • Difficulty Easy to moderate
    • Accommodation Jungle lodges
    • Meals Mainly full board
    • Price £2100 + flights Read More
    • Pricing

      This amazing trip costs a £2100 plus flights. The pricing of our trips is very competitive when compared to other wildlife companies, and our itineraries tend to be much more involved.

      We do not arrange flights for you but most flights to Costa Rica are either via Madrid or with a stop off in the USA. The quickest way of getting there is via Iberia at Madrid airport. There are rumours of a direct flight from Manchester to Costa Rica starting next year with Thomson or Thomas Cook but we do not have details at this stage.

      Personal Payment Plans: For your convenience you can spread the cost of your trip by paying in installments with a personal payment plan. A non refundable deposit of 10% is required on booking; this can be taken as your first payment.

      Included in the price: Accommodation, meals, all transport and fuel, local drivers allowances, entrance to national parks, guides and excursions.
      Not Included in the price: Flights. Add On Activities. With groups trips we treat everybody as individuals and leave the decision to get involved in extra activities up to you. Activities not included in the price are: Scuba diving and some EXTRA bird watching trips. Prices can be obtained on request.
      Your spending money budget does not need to be too high on this trip: The cost of living is very low in Costa Rica and we will also be staying in full board accommodations.
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Support Conservation

It is of utmost importance to us to leave a lasting legacy in the areas we visit, by raising money for, and taking part in wildlife conservation projects. In the past ourselves and our guests have carried out fundraisers for various conservation projects and then delivered the proceeds directly to where these projects run.

This has given our guests the once in a lifetime chance to see exactly where and how

their donations are used in conservation, and has given them the opportunity to spend time with the people and animals they have played part in helping. We also only use accommodation where profits go back into the community for the greater good, rather than into the pockets of the ‘fat cats’ of this world. It is our aim to educate people about wildlife, support conservation, and promote conservation awareness.

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